Sandy changed not only my skin but also my diet. After speaking with her about my skin difficulties she taught me about the link between my gut health and my breakouts. She does not speak in a condescending tone, but rather a motherly one, one that is caring and informative.

-Samantha N.

I’ve struggled with acne for about 10 years now. I’ve feared speaking with dermatologists, aestheticians, and general practitioners because I have had the thought that they would judge me for doing something wrong with my skin. Sandy helped me recognize the intricacies of my skin, and that while she knows the simple solutions, not everyone can fully understand our largest organ! She makes knowledge understandable, which I appreciate as I am not a “science person”.

Thank you, Sandy, for helping me grow my confidence!

-Catalina E. 

My wife gave me a gift certificate to see Sandy and now I’m hooked because it’s been years since I haven’t had blackheads on my nose.

-David Q.

Sandy provides a comfort and admiration for you and your skin. You walk out with a redound sense of comfort and security in your skin. There is no shock rather a familiarity when you look in the mirror that acknowledges where you have been and how much further you can go. She provides you with the renewed belief in yourself evidenced by how amazing your skin and your soul feels 

-Julie H.